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Chefs Erica and Josh Karbelnik are a husband-and-wife team and have been in the industry for over 17 years. Most recognized by their Top Chef Canada and Chopped Canada seasons, the dynamic duo continue to leave their mark in the culinary industry. While pushing boundaries in the creation of signature dishes, they pride themselves on crafting bold flavours inspired by their worldly travels and locally sourced ingredients.

Born and raised in Toronto (Ontario), they have worked for some of the best chefs across Canada and competed in some of Canada’s most esteemed culinary competitions. They grew up loving food/cooking and started their career by working in different restaurants across Canada. These restaurants include WEST, The Pear Tree, and Wildebeest (located in Vancouver, BC), as well as North 44, One Restaurant, and The Shang Ri La Hotel (located in Toronto, ON).

Chefs Erica + Josh Karbelnik

Early in their career, they competed in Ontario's Hawksworth Young Chefs skills competition. Erica and Josh also competed and won their own episode of Food Networks Chopped Canada (season 3). 

Erica won Food Network’s Top Chef Canada (season 9), while competing against Josh, who finished as a finalist. Josh became Erica's sous chef in the finale and helped her take the win. The couple has also appeared on CW Networks Recipe for Disaster. They are currently working with Gusto TV for an upcoming mini series that will be airing sometime this year!

Karbs Catering started because of the love Erica and Josh have for food. They make every event special and personal (because for them food is personal). This includes going to the local markets, hand-picking all the ingredients themselves, celebrating and incorporating what is in season, and offering food that is locally available in Canada.

They pride themselves on working with their clients one on one to develop a special menu for an event (rather than having a set menu for clients to choose from). This allows for every event to be an experience in itself.

Chefs Erica + Josh Karbelnik

Chef Erica Karbelnik

Chef Josh Karbelnik

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